ABS Painting Tips

Exterior ABS plastics must be painted for UV protection

Prior to painting: Determine that you have the correct part before proceeding

NOTE: Painting comes last, NOT first.

STEP 1. Pre-fit the product.

STEP 2. Locate the holes and final fit the product.

STEP 3. After pre-fitting and test installation, the part should be removed and painted before final installation.

-When preparing for paint, keep the product clean, and free from any grease or oils.

-Do NOT clean with lacquer thinners or acetone.

-Any professional paint process is recommended except lacquer. Lacquer should not be used.

-USE: Acrylic enamels, or epoxy enamels.

-Recruit knowledgeable professional help for best results.
Any aircraft paint shop or automotive paint and body shop will know how to paint the item for you.

-Use primers if the paint system you select recommends primer.
Stay with the same brand throughout the process. Chemists design these paint recipes to work together.

-Scuff sand it with a 320 till dull prior to priming and painting.

-Do not use heat to accelerate drying.

-The life effectiveness of the part can be improved if the product is painted inside and out. If you also choose to paint the inside, do not paint over the FAA-PMA label.

-Quality brands of Aerosols will work, but with less effectiveness and lower quality. We do not recommend them, but they can be used.