FBO Discounts & Price Protection

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Our FBO Discount policy
We honor FBO discounts to participating FBO Business operations currently active in the Aviation Service Business.
All FBO participants must provide us with a current Federal Tax ID number, the required information, and your company website address to be actively registered in the Texas Aeroplastics customer database as an active FBO purchaser.
Your registration as a discounted FBO is assigned after the required Federal tax ID number and information received are verified.
Our standard Terms and Conditions and Return policies apply to discounted FBO sales._________________________________________________________________________
** Not all products ** represented on our website are eligible for discounts.FBO discounts are only available with participating manufacturers._________________________________________________________________________
All products with a part number ending in -80A participate in registered FBO discounts. You may review all these -80A products on TexasAeroplastics.comby entering -80A in the Quick search box on the top right of the home page._________________________________________________________________________
Some products with the part number ending in -18D participate in registered FBO discounts. You may review all these products on TexasAeroplastics.com by entering -18D in the Quick search box on the top right of the home page.You may then call us to request information on the products that are eligible under this product code. _________________________________________________________________________FBO ordering procedures:You must advise us of your FBO discount eligibility at the time of your order we are not responsible to give a refund after the purchase has shipped.We advise that you should also give us an approved buyers name or names to include in your registration with us.
It is the FBO’s ordering agent's responsibility to inform us at the time of the order that you are a registered FBO for these discounts.*No 3rd Party Purchases:   No 3rd party may purchase under a company's discount program.No promotional discounts may be added together with participating FBO discounts.
NOTE: We do not backdate refunds._________________________________________________________________________
Telephone orders: Participating, registered FBOs should order by phone and provide the information that you are a registered FBO with us.817-430-3651_________________________________________________________________________


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