Cessna 210 Wing Strut Fairing (1960 thru 1965) (Upper Right) 34-01-05RWS-80A. 1227002-4

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Product Number: 34-01-05RWS-80A

1960 thru 1965 UPPER RIGHT 

Cessna 210 (upper right) Strut Fairing

Wing Strut to Wing intersection, Co-Pilot side

FAA PMA Approved
TAP PMA Part Numbers: 34-01-05RWS
White ABS

Replaces OEM P/N: 1227002-4
Eligible aircraft: Cessna 210, 210A, B, C, D, E (1960 thru 1965)
S/N 210 57001 thru 210 58715

Excludes: Cessna 210, 1966 models
The 1966 210 and 1966 Turbo 210 use the larger chord length strut used on Cessna 205 and 206

1963 -71: 206, P206, P206A, P206B, P206C, P206D, P206E, TP206A,TP206B, TP206C, TP206D, TP206E, U206, U206A, U206B, U206C, U206D, U206E, U206F, TU206A, TU206B, TU206C, TU206D, TU206E, TU206F, 205, 205A 1964 - 65

This product also fits, but is not FAA approved in our current PMA supplement.

Please be advised that if we indicate a product will fit an aircraft but is not covered in our current FAA PMA supplement. The indicated product can only be legally installed (under FAA Regulations) on an aircraft in the experimental category or with an FAA 337 field approval on a type certified aircraft. These purchases should only be done with the FAA legal installation intent. 


It is better to have the lower fairings off the airplane and turn them over to measure the length and width of the foot-print to be accurate.

A Manufacturer's "Certificate of Conformance" log book label is available to purchase with this product.
10-coc-log-book-label-80a-4.jpg  10-coc-log-book-label-80a-5.jpg