Cessna 150, 152 Windshield with Compass Mount, 26-303/302-18C, 0413419-201, 0413419-202(GT)

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Product Number: 26-303/302-18C

Cessna 150, 152 Windshield with Compass Mount

FAA-PMA Approved

Thickness: .125", .150", & .187"

Replaces Cessna OEM Part Numbers:0413419-201, 0413419-202(GT)

Eligible Aircraft: 

CESSNA 150 s/n 15067199 thru 15069308
                    s/n 15073659 thru 15079405
CESSNA AEROBAT 150 s/n A1500001 thru A1500734, 1970 thru 1977
REIMS AVIATION F150 s/n F150-0220 thru F150-0389
                                   s/n F15000864 thru F15001428
REIMS AVIATION AEROBAT FA150s/n FA1500167 thru FRA1500337

CESSNA 152 s/n 15279406 thru 15286033, 1978 thru 1985
CESSNA AEROBAT A152 s/n A1520735 thru A1521049, 1978 thru 1985
REIMS AVIATION F152 s/n F15201429 thru F15201952
REIMS AVIATION AEROBAT FA152 s/n FA1520337 thru FA1520387

For variations consisting of color or thickness please call in your order. 817-430-3651

Windows and Windshields are manufactured from high optic quality acrylics. These are available in clear, green, and smoke grey tints. Available in solar treated for an extra cost- please call for a quote on those. For ease of installation, they are trimmed to OEM specifications. All FAA/PMA approved parts are shipped with the FAA/PMA approval tag attached and each tag has the complete approved applicability listed.