Cessna 150 Seat Stop Kit: 10-SEAT STOP KIT 3-19A

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Product Number: 10-SEAT STOP KIT 3-19A

Cessna Seat Stop "U-Shape" Seat Stop with Spacer

Seat Stops are stronger than the originals!

Kits contain FAA-PMA and industry standard components.

Kit Contains:

1 each U Shape Seat Stop
1 each  Cotter Key
1 each  Clevis Pin
2 each  Spacer 

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna 

Make Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
Cessna 150F 15063763 15064532
Cessna 150G 15064533 15067198
Cessna 150H 15067199 15069308
Cessna 150J 15069309 15071128
Cessna 150K 15071129 15072003
Cessna 150L 15072004 15073658
Cessna A150K A1500001 A1500226
Cessna A150L A1500227 A1500342
Cessna F150G F1500068 F1500219
Cessna F150H F1500220 F1500389
Cessna F150J F1500390 F1500529
Cessna F150K F15000530 F15000658
Cessna F150L F15000659 F15000863
Cessna FA150K FA1500001 FA1500081
Cessna FA150L FA1500082 FA1500120
Cessna FRA150L FRA1500121 FRA1500166