Cessna 172 Rudder Cable Exit Fairing (Right or Left) (1961-1986) 28-18-80A, 0530011-1, 0530011-2

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Product Number: 28-18-80A 

Cessna 172 Rudder cable exit fairings (left or right)

It takes two of these parts per airplane

FAA-PMA Approved
TAP PMA Part Number: 28-18
White ABS
Replaces OEM Part Number: 0530011-1, 0530011-2

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna

172 1961 thru 1985
F172D thru F172P

The 172R and 172S models have the same part number for these cable exit fairings

The manufactures FAA-PMA supplement does not include the 172R and 172S serial numbers in their FAA  approval.
The product fits these models but should be considered unapproved.


A Manufacturer's "Certificate of Conformance" log book label is available to purchase with this product.
10-coc-log-book-label-80a-4.jpg  10-coc-log-book-label-80a-5.jpg