Cessna BOOT 172-182 Kevlar Steering Rod Boot; MC0543015-6-19A

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Product Number: MC0543015-6-19A

Cessna BOOT 172-182 Kevlar Steering Rod Boot. Better heat and weather resistant material than original. Will not easily break out at stitching lines.

NOTE: When buying for C182, this product is for 182 models up to serial number 182-53598 only. (1956 thru 1961)

FAA-PMA Approved 

Steering Rod Boots for Cessna Aircraft

These steering rod boots are manufactured with a black Kevlar/fiberglass blend fabric. The fatigue resistance of Kevlar is uniquely mated with the fire resistance of fiberglass. This is a super tough, high temperature fabric that will provide many years of outstanding performance. 

  • Keeps the exhaust and carbon monoxide out of the cabin
  • Protects the cabin in case of an engine fire  

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna                                                                                  

Make Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
Cessna 172 28000 46754
Cessna 172A 46755 477
Cessna 172B 17247747 17248734
Cessna 172C 17248735 17249544
Cessna 172D 17249545 17250572
Cessna 172E 17250573 17251822
Cessna 172F
17251823 17253392
Cessna 172G 17253393 17254892
Cessna 172H
17254893 17256512
Cessna 172I 17256513 17257161
Cessna 172K 17257162 17259223
Cessna 172L 17259224 17260758
Cessna 172M 17260759 17267584
Cessna 172N 17267585 17274009
Cessna 172P 17274010 17276673
Cessna 172Q 17275869 17276211
Cessna 172R 17280001 999999999
Cessna 172S 172S8001 999999999
Cessna 175 55001 56238
Cessna 175A 56239 56777
Cessna 175B 17556778 17557002
Cessna 175C 17557003 17557119
Cessna F172D F1720001 F1720018
Cessna F172E F1720019 F1720085
Cessna F172F F1720086 F1720179
Cessna F172G F1720180 F1720319
Cessna F172H F1720320 F1720431
Cessna F172H F1720447 F1720654
Cessna F172H F1720432 F1720435
Cessna F172H F17200655 F17200754
Cessna F172H F1720436 F1720442
Cessna F172H F1720443 F1720443
Cessna F172H F1720444 F1720446
Cessna F172K F17200755 F17200804
Cessna F172L F17200805 F17200904
Cessna F172M F17200905 F17201514
Cessna F172N F17201515 F17202039
Cessna F172P F17202040 F17202254
Cessna FP172 FP1720001 FP1720003
Cessna FR172E FR17200001 FR17200060
Cessna FR172F FR17200061 FR17200145
Cessna FR172G FR17200146 FR17200225
Cessna FR172H FR17200226 FR17200350
Cessna FR172J FR17200351 FR17200559
Cessna FR172J FR17200562 FR17200590
Cessna FR172K FR17200591 FR17200675
Cessna P172D P17257120 P17257188
Cessna R172K R1722000 R1723454
Cessna 182 33000 33842
Cessna 182A 33843 51556
Cessna 182B 51557 52358
Cessna 182C 52359 53007
Cessna 182D 18253008 18253598