Piper Comanche Hoerner Style Wing Tips (Set of Two)

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Product Number: 60-11050PR-18D

Hoerner High Performance Wing Tips - set of two. Sold In Sets Only 

Whether you own the twin or single engine model, as a Comanche owner you only accept the best in performance. The Comanche is one of the cleanest and most responsive of any factory produced aircraft. The Met-Co-Aire wing tip enhances ALL areas of performance, especially reducing stall speed and increasing stability of the aircraft upon landing.

Our design reduces drag while smoothing the airflow along the wing and control surfaces. By minimizing the vortices caused by the wing and actually having them start later our tip gives performance increases without the usual penalties. We CAN get increases in climb and in cruise. We CAN reduce stall without adversely affecting handling.

Typical Improvements are:
• Increase cruise 2-3 mph
• Increase rate of climb 75-100 ft./min.
• Increase stability with more positive aileron control
• Decrease stall speed 4-5 mph
• Decrease distance for take-off
• Gives a modern, more aerodynamic profile

The product constructed in fiberglass. They come covered with a white gel-coat that serves as a primer for painting. Our tips come with both FAA STC and PMA approvals.

Approval Basis: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA871WE

Material: Fiberglass,

Finish: White primer, ready to paint  

Aircraft Eligibility: PA-24, PA-24-250, PA-24-260, PA-24-400, 
                                  PA-30, PA-39

Link to: "The Hoerner Wing Tip Design Story"