Piper PA28 Right Center Window FAA-PMA-STC'd ,60-911-18C,76276-04 76276-03

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 Product Number: 60-911-18C

Piper PA28 Right Center Window Piper PA 44 #2 Right Center window

FAA-PMA Approved

Thickness: .125,.187,.250

Replaces OEM Part Number: 76276-04,76276-03

Eligible Aircraft: 

Piper PA-28-140 s/n 28-7425001 thru 28-7725290

PIPER CHEROKEE WARRIOR PA-28-151 s/n 28-7415001 thru 28-7715314
CHEROKEE WARRIOR PA-28-161 s/n 28-7716001 thru 28-8616057
CHEROKEE WARRIOR PA-28-161 s/n 2816001 and up
CADET PA-28-161 s/n 2841001 and up
CHEROKEE PA-28-180 s/n 28-7405001 thru 28-7505261
ARCHER II PA-28-181 s/n 28-7690001 thru 28-8690056
ARCHER II PA-28-181 s/n 28-90001 thru 28-90205
CHEROKEE PA-28R-200 s/n 28R-7435001 thru 28R-7635545
TURBO DAKOTA PA-28-201T s/n 28-7921001 thru 28-7921095
CHEROKEE ARROW PA-28R-201 s/n 28R-7737002 thru 28R-7837335
ARROW PA-28R-201 s/n 2837001 and up
CHEROKEE ARROW PA-28R-201T s/n 28R-7703001 thru 28R-7803394
TURBO ARROW PA-28R-201T s/n 2803001 and up
ARROW IV PA-28RT-201 s/n 28R-7918001 thru 28R-8218039
ARROW IV PA-28RT-201T s/n 28R-7931001 and up
CHEROKEE PA-28-235 s/n 28-7410001 thru 28-7710089
DAKOTA PA-28-236 s/n 28-7911001 and up

PIPER TWIN COMMANCHE PA-39 - SEE PIPER PA-24 (#2 Right Center window)
PIPER SEMINOLE PA-44-180 s/n 44-7995001 thru 44-8195026
PA-44-180 s/n 44-95001 and up
PA-44-180T s/n 44-8107001 thru 44-8207020

This part is a Right Center window for the PA 28's  or a Rear Window for a  Cadet PA-28-161.

For variations consisting of thickness or color please call in your order. 817-430-3651

Windows and Windshields are manufactured from high optic quality acrylics. These are available in clear, green, and solar grey tints. For ease of installation, they are trimmed to OEM specifications. All FAA/PMA approved parts are shipped with the FAA/PMA approval tag attached and each tag has the complete approved applicability listed.