Piper Saratoga " Wing Tips" (With Landing Lights) FAA-PMA-STC

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Product Number: 60-RD-7000-18D

These wing tips with landing lights are made with a "contoured" Hoerner style wing tip with a small trailing edge upsweep and halogen landing lights in the leading edge... 
They are made of a durable fiberglass and include easy to change and adjust bulbs... 

Compared to the original rounded tips these upswept tips will:
Increase cruise speed 2-3 mph,
Improve rate of climb 40-70 ft/min
Increase stability and handling
Reduce stall speed 2-3 mph 
Reduce take-off roll
Lighting in these tips adds the high visibility and recognition in the traffic pattern 

The wing tip kit comes complete with everything necessary to install them including:
wire, circuit breaker, switch, installation instructions, and Supplemental Type Certificate.
You do use your existing nav or nav/strobe assembly

For even more visibility and recognition the HID Light system can be added. 
HIDs produce more then 5X the light output while drawing far less amperage.  
The HID lights are also warrantied for as long as you own your plane! 

Approval Basis: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA2356NM(STC No. SA2356NM)

Eligible aircraft: PA32-301, PA32-301T, PA32R-301, PA32R-301T, PA32R-301(SP), PA32R-301(HP), PA32-301FT, PA32-301XTC