"Speed" Cessna 206 Flap Gap Seal Kit, 34-C206FGS-18D

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Product Number: 34-C206FGS-18D

Cessna 206 Flap Gap Seal Kit

One Kit does both left and right wing flap gaps

STC approved: Supplemental Type Certificate No(s) SA2382NM

Eligible Aircraft: U206G, TU206G 1980 and after. 206H, T206H

Performance: 4 mph increase in cruise speed
                    50-100 fpm improved rate of climb

Material: 2024T-3 Aluminum, plus stainless hardware

Finish:     Zinc oxide primer

Eligible Aircraft: Cessna U206G, TU206G 1980 and after.



Our Flap Gap Seal Kit is unlike any other ever offered for Cessna Aircraft. 
The revolutionary new installation makes them easy to install, and they remove in minutes and get out of your way for inspections, annuals, and service to the flaps. 

They are the only seal on the market that fills the entire gap, making them as aerodynamic as possible adding 4 mph in cruise speed. 
They are made of 2024T-3 Alclad Aluminum for superior strength, and laser cut for a perfect fit.

The Kit comes complete with all stainless steel hardware, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and the Supplemental Type Certificate.

The purpose of a Gap Seal is to create a pressure barrier between the high pressure air on the bottom of the wing and the low pressure air on the top of the wing. The diagramed picture shows how the air moves upward through the gaps, thus causing significant drag and reduced control authority.

Another benefit to a Gap Seal is that it smoothest the air traveling along the bottom of the wing, thus further improving airflow.
The effects of a good Gap Seal kit will be:4 mph increase in cruise speed...50-100 fpm improved rate of climb...